Angelina Jolie has revealed who going to be her children

Until recently, fans of Angelina Jolie were pretty sure that if not all six children of the actress and her ex-husband, brad pitt, or at least the majority follow in the footsteps of their parents. It was quite logical to assume that three ex-spouses, Chad biological — Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox had a high chance to inherit acting genes mom and dad. And the other three were from an early age involved in the film business, having spent part of his childhood on movie sets. Moreover, at least two of them, her mother had to work on the set. Maddox — as a producer, when making a movie, “First they killed my father.” And Vivien starred in the role of young Princess Aurora in the first “Maleficent”. However, it turned out, did not affect their choice of future professions.

Анджелина Джоли раскрыла, кем собираются стать ее дети

Recently 44-year-old Jolie has surprised her fans. She announced that all six are going to choose other professions. “None of them wants to become an actor or actress. They told me that they want to do business or charity work. And if possible, to learn to combine both!” — told Angelina in his interview. And the choice that has made the eldest son of actress — Maddox only confirms her words. After all, he famously flew to Korea to study to be a bioengineer. As for the younger children of the actress, then they still have time to think — before graduation. PACS because the ceiling is still 15 years old, male — 14, Shiloh — 13, and twins Vivienne and Knox — for 11 years.

The last three years, as told by Jolie, she tries as much time to devote to their children. “I try to be more responsible about their education. Because they are now in this age that very soon leave home. And then they will have to answer all the challenges of the world, and they should be ready for this!” — said Jolie. “In the past, before I had children, I thought I was the perfect mother can only become the perfect woman. It turned out that the matter is not in it. You just need to put as much labor and work in raising children, and never put their interests higher than them. So in the coming years I want to focus more on work in the movies, and my children,” announced Angelina.