Angelina Jolie is trying to reconcile children with brad pitt, but all to no avail

The divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie is still in the stage of completion, but have done already a lot of hype. Now the rapid breakup of the star couple discuss all the less, however, to keep a happy family after the divorce they fail. And the reason was the eldest son of Angelina and brad Maddox, which this year was 18 years old. He categorically does not perceive pitt as a father and wants nothing to hear about him.

Анджелина Джоли пытается помирить детей с Брэдом Питтом, но все безуспешно

You can tell that Maddox was the last reason for the divorce of this beautiful couple. In 2016 there was a great quarrel between the boy and brad aboard a private plane, after the conflict, Jolie was accused of spouse abuse with children, first filed the divorce papers.

At the moment, the actress is not opposed to their children have contact with father, and even wants all of them to reconcile. She attempted unification of the family, but all in vain, if brad agrees to restore relations, the eldest son is completely against it.

“Maddox does not respond to her entreaties. For brad this is a huge loss” — they say close to family.

The second son of a pair of 15-year-old pax is under the full influence of Maddox, and also defends the position of the elder brother. Now, when the month of September of Maddox moved to another city for study at the University, brad began to hope that he will be able to speak with Paxam one-on-one. The star father sincerely wishes to repair relations with at least one of the Teens.

“Brad hopes that he will succeed to make peace with Paxom until Maddox is abroad and does not affect the brother,” added close to the family.

In the process of divorce parents, the eldest son has completely sided with his mother and supports her in all decisions. Maddox to this day a great relationship with Angelina. The last time he came to Tokyo to her mother to support her at the premiere of “Maleficent”. The actress said that is very proud of the eldest son, as he is making great strides in education, and, of course, terribly misses him.