Angelina Jolie said that brad pitt is ruining her life

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie admitted for the first time: she lives not in the way she wanted. And he blames it in this exclusive one man — her ex-husband brad pitt.

Анджелина Джоли заявила, что Брэд Питт портит ей жизнь

As said the actress, although she celebrated your 44th birthday, she is still “hot and loving heart,” and she is as restless as ever. Jolie admitted that she would like to visit the most different corners of the world and live there, having experienced new adventures. But Angelina was “tied” to one city — Los Angeles. After all, during divorce proceedings, it was obliged to provide pitt an opportunity to see their children. “I would love to live outside of America, and I will definitely do it when the youngest of my children turn 18. But while I’m forced to live where they wished to settle their father,” the actress said without hiding his irritation. And though Angelina considers this situation unfair, yet she to do with it nothing can.

We will remind: in the summer of 2018, in the course of stretching is the fourth year of the divorce, Jolie pitt, the judge stood us side of brad. He demanded that she regularly provided her ex-husband to see the children. And otherwise threatened to take away from Jolie her children. So now she has to adapt to work schedule and plans with brad. However, as told by Jolie, she gradually adapts to a new life. Moreover, according to the actress who, in her words, “one time ceased to know herself,” the children helped her to again become the same. They know what I’m in the shower actually, and wise beyond his years, did everything for me to be myself,” said Angelina.