Angelina Jolie spoke about life after breaking up with pitt

The last 4 years has given 44-year-old actress is not easy.

Анджелина Джоли рассказала о жизни после расставания с Питтом

Before the premiere of the premiere of the film “Maleficent 2: mistress of the dark” on October 17 Angelina Jolie told the publication E! on how felt in the last four years after breaking up with brad pitt. 44-year-old actress drew Parallels between himself and his character, a powerful sorceress who was a victim of betrayal of a loved one.

“Real love is helping to show our best side. It’s what you value, what you are faithful and that they are ready to fight. Surprisingly, Maleficent did not realize that they are inside it, ‘ said Jolie. — Maleficent — wild, but I think that we all have inside there is an entity that just wants to have fun and be yourself”.

Also, the actress admitted that in recent years, she, unlike the powerful Maleficent was not always possible to stay positive and strong.

“In my life there were times when I didn’t feel safe, not feel safe. Perhaps I hid it well from the public. I felt a little cornered. And it took a long time again to find [himself]. I think now it goes better than the last four years,” said Jolie.

Recall that in 2016, the actress has filed for divorce from brad pitt, with whom she was in relationship since 2005. The divorce process was completed only in April 2019.

Now Angelina Jolie is starring in the upcoming film adaptation of Marvel comics “Eternal”. In a fantastic action movie, the actress will play the role of Tena — women race of superhumans, superhuman speed, strength, durability and regeneration, the ability to control minds, read minds and teleport.