Angelina Jolie visited a toy store in Paris


Complaining recently to France, 44-year-old Angelina Jolie home in the US is not return in a hurry — in Paris, where she arrived for work, the star decided to stay for a while. So, walk around the city and visiting local attractions, the star was engaged and shopping. However, she went not in the boutiques of luxury brands, and shop JoueClub.

Анджелина Джоли посетила магазин игрушек в Париже

However, nothing surprising in this — angelina Jolie is raising six children. And although some of them are adults, others probably are waiting for gifts from her mother. However, some of the gifts Angelina home will take — on the exit of the store waiting for her fans, including and small. The star is very touched, and she was given a few purchased toys to one boy.

In public the star this time did not appear in dress, in white loose trousers and a black sweater. Its image is complemented by beige pumps, brown belt bag and sunglasses.

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