Anglade claims to be on the offensive

Anglade claims to be on the offensive


The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec put on the boxing gloves on Sunday, in Laval, and she is convinced, despite the polls, that she will make gains on October 3. The challenge, however, will be to motivate voters to vote, she admits. 

For a third day in the space of a week, Dominique Anglade campaigned in Laval ridings , where she holds five of the six seats. She went door-to-door and walkabouts in the oppressive heat.  

On Saturday, she traveled to her own county for the second time in three days. According to polls, the PLQ is in danger in many ridings in Montreal and on Île Jésus.  

Irritated by the questions on this subject, the leader pleads that she is in offensive mode and that she intends to make gains. She also put on the boxing gloves during a neighborhood party in Laval in the afternoon allowing her to illustrate her point.  

“We have been campaigning for two weeks. We were in Jean-Lesage, in Jean-Talon, Lotbinière-Frontenac, we were in Châteauguay, we were Orford, we were in Sherbrooke, we were in Côte-du-Sud, we were in Chapleau, we were in Abitibi-Est, we were in Trois-Rivières, we were in Champlain, we were in Huntington, we were in Gatineau”, she listed. “To me, it seems like an offensive campaign.” 

Meeting the citizens 

During the door-to-door door, the welcome “is warm”, says Dominique.  

However, many people say they do not vote, others are very disappointed with the results of the opposition. 

In Laval, Ms. Anglade met a nice couple. The couple left Romania and settled in Quebec 20 years ago. Viorlel Trifan is a “convinced liberal”. He adores Dominique Anglade.  

His wife Karmen is however very disappointed and does not intend to vote for the PLQ even if she “blames everything” on François Legault.  

“It's a big disappointment for me. I have found you very weak for the past four years. Very low,” said Ms. Trifan, speaking directly to Ms. Anglade. “Not just you, all the oppositions,” she nevertheless clarified. 

Get out the vote 

She does not know elsewhere not if she will vote. “Listen to me, I will convince her to vote for you”, assured Viorlel. 

Dominique Anglade admits that one of the main challenges will be to motivate citizens to exercise their right to vote.  

“Do we have a challenge to ensure that Quebecers have voted? Of course, we all see what happened in Ontario. We all have a duty to encourage people to vote,” she said. “Each person has to express their voice.”  

Travel by Metro 

In the morning, the chef used the Montreal Metro to go to Laval to reiterate her promise to offer free public transit for students and seniors. A commitment of $645 million over five years.