Anglade loses its communications director

Anglade loses communications director


The director of communications for Liberal leader Dominique Anglade has decided to jump ship with the official opposition.

A year after his appointment, Jérémy Ghio leaves the National Assembly. He made the announcement to elected Liberals today, just after the oath of allegiance to King Charles III and the people of Quebec. He will leave this Friday to take up new challenges.  

The man who worked for Justin Trudeau's government for nearly five years as press secretary and director of communications had joined the ranks of the PLQ in September 2021. 

He worked closely with Ms. Anglade to rework her image and support her in her transition as leader of the PLQ until the recent elections.

< p>He was also responsible for communications for the chef during the recent election campaign.  

Between his mandate at the federal level and that of Dominique Anglade's cabinet, the latter was briefly director at TACT , a public relations firm.  

Mr. Ghio should continue to work in the government public relations sector.  

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