Anglade multiplies the walkabouts in the counties in danger

Anglade multiplies walkabouts in counties at risk


In free fall in Montreal and Laval according to a Léger/The Gazette poll, the Liberal leader is increasing crowds in traditionally red ridings, including the one she has held since 2014.  

“We continue to meet with citizens. And, that's exactly what we do on our tours, ”said Dominique Anglade, indicating that the real survey was on October 3. “We are in an election campaign to present the issues in all regions.” 

According to the survey by the Montreal daily, the PLQ won 28% of the vote; the CAQ, 24%; SQ, 19%; the conservatives, 13% and the PQ, 7%. Traditionally, the Liberals had much more comfortable leads in these two areas. In 2018, the PLQ won 41% of the vote there. 

Important debates 

According to Ms. Anglade, the leaders' debates could allow her to assert herself.  

“Voters are no doubt watching the polls […] But what I think voters are watching a lot are the proposals, they will be listening to the debates and the issues in the first weeks, ”she mentioned. 

Pollster Jean-Marc Léger says that “for the first time in a long time, there will be real struggles in Montreal counties like Camille-Laurin, Maurice-Richard, Verdun or Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne and in 5 of the 6 counties lavallois”. 

Dominique Anglade is the outgoing MP for Saint-Henri–Sainte-Anne.  

Her riding is in danger&nbsp ;

According to the website Québec125, CAQ candidate Nicolas Huard-Isabelle is ahead of the Liberal leader by 2% with 29% of the vote. That of Québec solidaire is close behind with 26% of the voting intentions. 

For the second time in 48 hours, Dominique Anglade has decided to campaign in his riding, taking in the crowds and going door to door.  

In addition to her riding and those of Laval, Dominique Aglade wishes to make gains.  

She is gone twice in 24 hours in the riding of Orford, a riding lost to the CAQ in 2018.  

“We are on the offensive, absolutely,” she said. insured.