Anglade tries to reintegrate Nichols into the Liberal caucus

Anglade tries to reintegrate Nichols into the Liberal caucus


Leader Dominique Anglade is trying Monday morning to reinstate MP Marie-Claude Nichols, who was kicked out of the Liberal team last week, into her caucus.  

The leader of the PLQ was sharply criticized for having chased the MP for Vaudreuil. She is trying to catch up.

As columnist Jonathan Trudeau revealed in the morning, Dominique Anglade requested an interview Monday morning with Ms. Nichols. 

Recall that a conflict erupted between Dominique Anglade and the MNA for Vaudreuil last week.

Ms. Nichols wanted to hold the position of Third Vice-President of the National Assembly. But it was rather his colleague from Viau, Frantz Benjamin, who obtained the support of the leader of the PLQ for this honorary position. 

The member would have refused the other responsibilities that Ms. Anglade and was therefore expelled from the shadow cabinet of the official opposition, an extremely rare situation, before being ejected from the caucus. 

More details to come…

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