Ani Lorak became noticeable rounded belly

Ani Lorak again presented to the audience its a great show “DIVA”. During the concert the singer was reincarnated dozens of times, appearing on the stage in completely different images. Fans noticed a curious detail: in all the outfits Anya had a slight tummy.

У Ани Лорак стал заметен округлившийся живот

In early summer Lorak wearing short tops, showing fans a perfect press. The video, which the audience took the day before, clearly shows that the Lorak could not boast of a perfect figure — she grew her small belly. The fans decided that these changes say about pregnancy Ani. Many discuss the fact that the performer may be in anticipation of a second child.

About four months ago, the singer has unveiled his novel of Egor Gleb. The actress reveals details of relationship with another Yegor creed, but in secular circles say that the couple have serious. Some time ago Lorak moved in with a new boyfriend.

It is known that Ani had planned to give to Sophia, daughter from the marriage with Murat Nalchajian, a little brother or sister. This she said in an interview before the divorce. Is the artist still decided to take this serious step?

It is not excluded that this is true, but maybe the visibility of pregnancy Lorak — the result of the failure of the diet. In General, while Ani will not be a formal review, to talk about it before.