Ani Lorak boasted chiseled figure

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak after the divorce with her husband Murat Nalchajian finally moved in with her daughter in Moscow and are actively engaged in their career. In addition, 41-year-old actress has already spun a new novel — with the youngest at 14 years old Russian sound-producer Egor Gleb, as well as thinner and prettier, that was praised by fans.

Ани Лорак похвасталась точеной фигурой

Star tries to give more time to the child and took 8-year-old Sophia to the circus.

Nice pictures Caroline had shared on his page in Instagram. First, the singer posed one directly at the circus — for the publication she chose grey jeans, tight black turtleneck and a cap. Artist fun spread his arms, showing off chiseled figure.

On another photo, the singer captured along with her daughter against the background of the cell with the tigers. The girl looks charming in a black dress with a print on the chest and the wreath on his head. Lorac gently hugging the girl’s shoulders and they both look very happy.

Ани Лорак похвасталась точеной фигурой

“Today is a real holiday of childhood! We visited #zeronicotine. Thank you to all the artists for their excellent work. It’s magic!” — shared his emotions the artist.

Netizens were quick to comment on the new photo Lorak, noting how quickly her daughter is growing. Some, however, condemned the star for a visit to the circus with animals.

  • How cool that you spent with my daughter. Beautiful!!!
  • glad you had a great time together
  • Two krasotulechka! Mom with daughters
  • Princess! Have a great time!
  • Karrinochka how nice it is to watch Your joint photos with Sonia. Sofia is such a big girl now it has become beautiful! Like her mom, I love You. happy Holiday Caroline! Health and happiness to You Sonia, let my daughter pleases You
  • Girls beauties
  • The figure is just gorgeous
  • Karolinska why are you so beautiful?
  • Shapely girl. You really are 18,your passport is lying. Right??
  • Poor animals…
  • Karolinska, how pretty you are. Hope you had a good time