Ani Lorak called divorce with Murat Nalchajian “painful”

Famous singer Ani Lorak for the first time openly commented on the divorce from her ex-husband Murat Nalchajian. For a long time, the actress avoided talking about the problems in his personal life.

Ани Лорак назвала развод с Муратом Налчаджиоглу «болезненным»

Marriage Ani Lorak and her former husband lasted for 14 years, but this year, the couple divorced. In a new interview celebrity admitted that her divorce from Nalchajian was painful, it was for the singer of pain and tragedy. The singer hoped to the last to preserve the Union with businessman, because they are much linked, including feelings. Star never thought I’d be in this situation, but now her life is getting better.

In particular, Ani Lorak is in a relationship with Yegor Gleb running in the Black Star. At first they were connected only business issues, but then there was a sympathy. The portal OK! the celebrity admitted that he no longer believes in marriage, because then less people start to appreciate each other and not afraid to lose.