Ani Lorak fears of a new marriage after the divorce with Murat Nalchajian

Ani Lorak managed to find true happiness. Despite this, after her divorce from singer Murat Nalchajian fears of marriage.

Ани Лорак опасается нового замужества после развода с Муратом Налчаджиоглу

Lorac meets Egor Gleb. The artist is satisfied with the relationship with 26-year-old sound-producer from the label Timati Black Star, but after a painful breakup with the ex-spouse is not in a hurry to the Registrar.

“Lovers should cherish their feelings. Now I want to win, to please and surprise a loved one, but to marry is not ready yet. I don’t think marriage can change something”, — quotes “OK” Lorak.

The boyfriend singer is fully in agreement with her. Artists try not to talk much about feelings in public and hide her personal life from people who like to discuss, to gossip and to go with their advice. The singer is convinced that each person must protect their happiness from ill-wishers and envious.