Ani Lorak for the first time commented on the divorce with Murat

Ani Lorak admitted that the divorce with Murat it was very painful and she hoped to the last to keep the family together.

Ани Лорак впервые прокомментировала развод с Муратом

Last year it became known that after 14 years of marriage, Ani Lorak with her husband Murat Nalchajian decided to divorce. According to unofficial information, the reason for the divorce became regular betrayal of men. Ani herself has long refused to comment, and only now, a year after the breakup, for the first time spoke about it. In a new interview for the magazine OK! the actress admitted that the divorce has been very hard for her:

“I don’t believe when someone says that divorce went nice and easy. Any divorce is a tragedy: it hurts, it’s sad… disappointment. Yes, you feel frustrated … in the loved one. I am an optimist, I tried to steer and tried to convince himself that everything would be okay, that everything will work out. After all, many families live,” said Caroline.

Told Anya about his relationship with young producer Egor Gleb. So, the actress said that it all started with a simple communication: “It was just a friendship of two souls, just understanding and support, admiration, respect and love — in short, everything that must obtain a woman from a man” — admitted Lorak.

Ани Лорак впервые прокомментировала развод с Муратом

So, soon, the singer has noticed that friendship develops into sympathy:

“We met at a Studio in Kiev and started to record. They started the meeting, which was of such a working-class character. But gradually arose sympathy. There were no signs, as they say. I was still in the state of their madness, their personal relationship did not understand, where does my life. I never thought I would be able to feel something and open up to a new person. We are in many ways similar to the public man, and he — no, he’s very closed, trying nowhere with me, especially not to appear. Of course he’s coming, support me, I need his support and is happy when he’s with me. We always have fun, we always laugh, listen to great music, we are always on the same wavelength, we have something to talk about”, — told about their happiness Carolina.

However, to marry a young lover Anya is not going to. And fault to all — the disappointment in the institution of marriage:

“I don’t believe that that something gives. Outside of marriage we care about each other. There is a constant desire to surprise, to delight, to win a person. And when everything is clear, it’s official, you’re such a: well, there it is. He had the same thoughts,” said the singer.