Ani Lorak has upset fans with the choice of attire

Pop diva Ani Lorak never ceases to amaze readers of his microblog new images in the diverse outfits. The past few months the actress is under the scrutiny of media and fans not only because of creativity but because of the alleged second pregnancy.

Ани Лорак расстроила фанатов выбором наряда

After the divorce with the Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian, artist for some time disappeared from the sight of the fans, and then revealed to the world renewed itself.

Lorac has significantly changed in appearance and more and more began to resemble a typical resident of “the valley of the dolls” with pumped up lips and other attributes of secular beauty. Also the celebrity has said that is in a relationship with 26-year-old sound-producer Egor Gleb, one of the colleagues of the Russian rapper Timati.

In addition, instead of a bodycon mini-images, lorac, all began to appear in public in a baggy oversized garments, which of course, gave fans the idea that the star is expecting her second child. For example, she recently gave a concert in the Moscow suburb of Serpukhov and the performance sported lush robes, not allowed to consider her figure. Obviously she’s got something to hide…

And the singer is spot struck the guests with his page, wearing a dark black outfit, consisting of pants and t-shirts with print, which is one of the followers reminded misspelling of the word “mother”, and others – name drugs MDMA (ecstasy).