Ani Lorak in a revealing outfit struck fans

Singer Ani Lorak showed in the Instagram photo from shooting of new video “We break”. The actress in a revealing outfit struck fans spot the perfect physical form.

Ани Лорак в откровенном наряде сразила фанатов

Fans called the singer “hot”, gorgeous, attractive, sexy and stunning. In the picture the performer is depicted in a black top and a short skirt. Fans noticed that part of the breast celebrity peeking out from under clothes. Haters suggested that Ani Lorak “extended” legs with the help of the Photoshop editor. New the soloist signed with the words: “can’t wait for the premiere of the clip, and you?”. The celebrity prepares a video to the song “We break”, but does not mention the release date of a new job.

Fans have attributed the transformation of Ani Lorak with her lover – musician Egor Gleb, who is younger than the chosen one for 14 years. It is not excluded, the appearance of the singer has improved because of the new novel. In the past Lorak has divorced her husband due to suspicions of treason.