Ani Lorak was lit by rounded tummy on stage outfit

Recently the singer published a video from their performances in honor of the completion of the tour, “Diva” and was the center of attention. And the reason for all — her figure, which to many seemed distinctly rounded. Now fans are being written that the singer is pregnant and soon a second time become a mother. So, in the video, the naked eye can see how tight outfits emphasized a slightly protruding abdomen.

Ани Лорак засветила округлившийся животик в сценическом наряде

By the way, the rumors that Anna is pregnant, go for a long time. However, while the singer does not react to these conversations. If the news will be true, and for Carolina, and for her new lover Yegor Gleb this will be the second child. The singer already has a daughter Sonia, who was born to married with Murat Nalchajian, and Greg has a son from a Ukrainian singer Tayanna.