Animal fat causes inflammation in the joints

Saturated fats are found in cheese, butter, pork, lamb and other fatty meats lead to increased production of prostaglandins responsible in our body for inflammation. As explained, the St. Petersburg doctors have not yet invented a cure for joint disease, prevention is the only way to fight. And the first thing to take care – choice of food.

Животные жиры вызывают воспалительные процессы в суставах

About the dangers of consuming excessive amounts of saturated animal fats has long been known, but earlier it was more associated with prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Now added to the list of another group of disorders – premature wear of the joints due to chronic inflammation.


The surprise was that in addition to animal fats, similar processes are fatty acids omega-6. They are contained in sunflower oil, the most common in Russia. You should avoid the more exotic options – sesame, corn, and wheat germ oil. According to doctors, this type of fatty acids should be predominant in the diet.

TRANS fats

If these types of fats, in addition to the negative properties, there are positive, the TRANS fats contained in margarine, processed foods, factory cakes, cakes and candy – “unambiguous evil”. Natural animal fats and omega-6 doctors suggest to reduce in the diet, while TRANS fats are deleted.

What to replace unwanted fats?

What fats are then used in order to prevent joint diseases? Here the doctors were not original fatty acids omega-3 are still considered the most useful, beneficial effects on all processes in the body. Include in the diet of more fish, especially red. From vegetable oils give preference to olive, the walnut oil and Flaxseed.