Animal mourning: she creates jewelry from animal hair

Animal grief: she creates jewelry from animal hair


A Charlevoix artisan has found a very unique way to soothe the pain of losing an animal by offering unique creations made from the hair of the faithful deceased companion.< /p>

A few years ago, Louise Constantineau tragically lost her dog, Charlot. While she was going to the vet to treat Charlot's loss of appetite, the doctor discovered a large tumor in her. 

She had to have her dear Charlot euthanized during the same appointment.

” We left with his leash, his collar and our pain,” says Mrs. Constantineau. 

Feltmaker by profession, she already knew how to work with hair. So she made her first creation with Charlot's hair, a rose.

“I made myself a piece to comfort myself. It started like that. I passed it on my cheek, it helped me in my mourning,” she continues.

Mourning still taboo

Ms Constantineau believes that the death of a pet is a terrible mourning and many people experience it in silence, since there are still many taboos on the subject.

“We have to stop thinking that it's benign or that we're going over it. People get judged [on their pain]. There are even some who are depressed for a very long time because of it,” she argues.

Her creations, which she also calls “mourning tool”, are very varied and she takes special requests. It offers bracelets, latches, pendants, key rings and “keepsake hug” cushions, among others. A small amount of hair is enough for the creations. 

“The amount that ends up in the brush at the end of grooming is more than enough,” she says.

Mission: to help

As end-of-life care can be very expensive, Ms. Constantineau does her best to keep items affordable. The price of the creations varies between around forty dollars and a little over $80.

“My goal is to help people in mourning, I know that they are suffering.” , she explains. 

With her creations, Ms. Constantineau helps people from all over the world in their grieving process, since she receives commissions from all over the world.< /p>

The designer also has a support group on Facebook to help people living with the loss of their pet.

► To consult on Facebook: My Canin Angel-Creations in felted animal hair.

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