Animals with “hidden defects”: the manager of the Saint-Lin SPA denies the accusations

Animals with “hidden vices”: the manager of the SPA of Saint- Lin denies the accusations


Recently criticized by several clients and former employees, the manager of the St-Lin SPA, who wishes to remain anonymous, denies the accusations shared on social networks.  

“We are victims of intense defamation,” she says. “People are frustrated, I think, because it went away very quickly with assumptions.”

She says she has all the permits and ensures that she is up to standard after each complaint and visit from MAPAQ.< /p>

The manager has also agreed to open her doors to the TVA Nouvelles team. She also says she collaborates in investigations and says she is open to improving the way things are done. 

“We are up to standard, they check our records and our facilities,” she explains. < /p>

The woman says having received several threats on social networks. One of the authors suggests that she watch her back, telling her that he would not hesitate to receive a prison sentence for hurting her. 

She intends to file a complaint with the police and file a defamation lawsuit. 

Recall that the City of St-Lin terminated the $200,000 contract with the SPA following citizen dissatisfaction, a decision now denounced by the manager.