Anna GRES for the first time showed the child from the people’s Deputy from “public Servants”

Famous actress and model Anna GRES, who recently gave birth to the firstborn of the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Roman Grischuk, for the first time showed a photo of the baby. The two-week Timothy Anya put on his page in Instagram.

Аня Гресь впервые показала ребенка от нардепа из «Слуги народа»

A young mother showed son, who sleeps in the arms, wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon.

“Timothy R. Grischuk. Exactly 2 weeks. Meet,” wrote Anna.

Timothy was born weighing 4.2 kg, 54 cm 30 Oct at 19:19. Had the show Anya was in a hardware store.

Anya has also published a video online in which he spoke in detail about his birth. The model admitted that due to the fact that the child was big enough she had to resort to caesarean section.

It should be noted that the wife of the MP decided to give birth in a normal hospital on Borshchagovka and not to resort to private clinics. According to her, she has to spend the money that we take in these health facilities.

New member from “public Servants” Roman Grischuk started to meet Anna during University studies. Young couple together even played in the KVN team “KPI”. After WHC, they created the show “Muahahahaha”. Wedding couple played in Thailand in 2015.