Anna Lewandowska stole the hearts of Barcelona fans. That was easy to predict. What is it about

The wife of the new FC Barcelona player has stolen the public's attention.

 Anna Lewandowska stole the hearts of the Barcelona fan. It was predictable. What's going on

The Polish striker decided to take up another challenge this summer, and the gigantic movement carried him away Camp Nou. Barcelona has certified an agreement to sign a contract with Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, because Xavi's conversion to Camp Nou is fast-paced.

Anna Lewandowska flashed styling on the pitch

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Meanwhile, the media went crazy about Anna Lewandowska who entered the pitch in the blue mini, during the official presentation of the player in Barcelona, ​​she attracted the attention of the public. No wonder, because the trainer looks like a million dollars, wrapped in a diamond band. She is certainly proud of her husband and her success. The photo can be seen HERE .