Anna Mucha decided to warn her fans. She told in detail what had happened to her. What is it actually about

Was Anna Mucha a victim of scammers?

 Anna Mucha decided to warn her fans. She told in detail what happened to her. What exactly is it about

According to the portal “Pomponik”, Anna Mucha decided to warn her fans to avoid the worst. The actress told about what happened to her just a few days ago. What exactly are we talking about?

Anna Mucha shared what happened to her

Anna Mucha is one of the stars who stay in constant contact with her admirers via social media. On Instagram, he boasts not only about new professional challenges, but also experiences from everyday life. Recently, the actress admitted that she almost fell victim to a scam.

The actress revealed that she had set up an account on one of the sales platforms, on which she even listed several items. With time, Magda, who was interested in buying it, contacted her. In the message received by Anna Mucha, the woman asked for her e-mail address. Not suspecting anything, the actress sent her e-mail.

Fraudsters do not r & oacute;

Soon after, a message appeared on the mail in which Mucha was asked to click on the “collect funds” button. Ani Mucha's red light came on when she had to fill in a form with a large amount of sensitive data. She chose not to proceed with the transaction.

The actress also decided to report the matter to the administrator, although she admitted she did not receive any feedback. She also added that she apologized to Ms Magda and said that she would not complete the transaction in this way. The buyer has not spoken anymore.

” (…) I warn you to learn. I am, it would seem, a reasonable person … “- said Anna Mucha at the end of her report.

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