Anna Popek delighted with a spectacular metamorphosis. The journalist is delighted

Anna Popek appeared at the premiere of the film about Anna Przybylska.

Anna Popek was delighted with a spectacular metamorphosis The journalist delights

As the” Pomponik “portal reminds, 54-year-old Anna Popek has been associated with the TVP station for many years, being one of the most recognizable faces of the public broadcaster. Recently, the journalist appeared at the premiere of a film dedicated to Anna Przybylska and it was difficult to take your eyes off her. Popek has undergone a considerable metamorphosis. Anyway, see for yourself!

Anna Popek has been on the air for years

Anna Popek started working with TVP in 1999. We can watch it regularly in various programs of the state broadcaster. The journalist also does not shy away from visiting salons and walls. Recently, we had the opportunity to see her at the premiere of the film dedicated to Anna Przybylska, who died 8 years ago.

During the above-mentioned premiere, everyone saw the metamorphosis that the journalist went through. We have not had the opportunity to watch it in such an edition yet. Anna Popek decided to boldly change her hairstyle.

Anna Popek's metamorphosis

Popek showed up in tightly curled hair, the ends of which were slightly curled up to the top. The journalist also decided on a parting exactly in the center of the head. Many people have no doubts that Popek looks exceptionally good in this version.

For the premiere of the film about Anna Przybylska, Anna Popek wore a white jacket and trousers of the same color. years and made her look extra radiant. For this she chose delicate jewelry and light makeup. Anna Popek noted in social media that she prepared herself for a lot of emotions and chose a waterproof mascara.

How do you like Anna Popek in this version ?