Anna Rizatdinova shared videos from the rehearsals for Dancing with the stars 2019

The eleventh live show of dancing with the stars 2019 was full of pleasant surprises. So, leading the balcony was charming, Regina Todorenko, fans again were able to appreciate the spectacular couple Natalia Mogilev and Vlad Pits on the floor.

Анна Ризатдинова поделилась эксклюзивными видео с репетиции для Танцев со звездами 2019

Dance parties with the stars of past seasons, with bated breath, assess the audience and the judges, who were impressed by the ingenuity of celebrities. One of the bright rooms at issue was the temperamental dance trio – Anna Rizatdinova, Alexander Prokhorov and Heraclius of Makatsaria.

Gymnast went to the floor accompanied by two beauties. The trio danced incendiary dance the cha-cha-cha and told the story of love and fighting for the attention temperament beautiful lady.

One of the supports in the room were so complex and even extreme that Catherine Kuchar held his breath during the dance. “I want to chide you a little. The support, on which you have ventured, had to be incredible, but honestly, we have Vlad, I thought would stop my heart. She was incredibly dangerous!” — admitted a prima ballerina.

“We worked a lot on that support! PTS and she’s really scary and risky. On live it did not work, so I leave here all the stages of its preparation .Scroll the carousel and be Sure to watch until the end of the ideal of our extreme” was signed by breathtaking footage of Anna.

Under the post could not resist the comment and competitor Anna on Dancing with the stars 2019 Vladimir Ostapchuk. “Everything was fine, you big umnichki and set this bar to everyone that we quietly pray,” with humor said the showman.

Fans pair Rizatdinova and Prokhorov assured the room was in truth spectacular, and the dedication and hard work of the stars is admirable.

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  • VI molodci! Zrobleno unrealistic Vaca robot! Yes,Skoda,scho on er not Wisla,ale VI you VI scho TSE can do! Bravo!
  • What can I say — you have to conquer only circavie rooms. In the final, she probably will soar under the dome. Because above nowhere. You unreal and that’s a fact
  • Skoda scho not vislo vchora and direct EPR, nadzvychaina Garneau
  • Spectacular support,sorry it didn’t work . But you did well, dance is very beautiful