Anna Sedokova admitted that he wants to increase lips

Anna Sedokova is often attacked by the haters. The cellulite she can find, and the singer then it will be long to justify senatorelect blame. Most often, Anya blamed the abuse of fillers. The followers believe that it is too much butchering of the drug in the lips and cheekbones.

Анна Седокова призналась, что хочет увеличить губы

As the singer has already justified that it is not in the filler case, and showed a master class in Kardashian style how to use a simple pencil and lipstick to lips a La Kylie Jenner.

Recently Sedokova again challenged subscribers. She demonstrated how she corrected the shape of the eyebrows with tattooing, and at the same time said he wants to increase his lips, but not via injection, namely, permanent makeup.

“So nice and not hurt! So gently came and natural. In a month for correction. Also lips now I want to make. And all my girls girlfriends send,” wrote Anna the experience of tattooing.

Lips can indeed be increased by using permanent, slightly outside of the natural contours, plus make natural pigment brighter. And since the skin touches the needle, then in the end, there is little fibrosis, after the fillers, so that the volumes can briefly get a lock.

The view of followers about plans for Ani divided: “Class, will have beautiful lips” “why, I want to be like the fish?”, “Don’t, don’t, will be as all”, “Anna, you’re so pretty, why the lips?”.

But judging by the mood, plans Sedokova will not be able to change the opinion of the fans.