Anna Sedokova commented on the rumors about the affair with a married athlete

Popular singer Anna Sedokova got into a new love scandal with a married boyfriend.

Анна Седокова прокомментировала слухи о романе с женатым спортсменом

In the Network appeared rumors that the singer rests with the Latvian athlete Janis Timmay in Turkey.

Immediately to those rumors said the wife of basketball player by posting a message in social networks.

She stated that with her husband they have been together for nine years and raising a son. Also she added that she knew that Janis had periodically cheated on her, but tolerated for the sake of the child, until my husband demanded a divorce.

“Six months ago he began to change me. Caring for him means to block credit card mother of his son, leaving no money to say that you need to leave the apartment with her son and to live on the street” — wrote in social networks, the wife of an athlete.

Throughout the woman blames Sedokova, which separated the Janis family. The actress not passed by and commented on the words of the wife of the basketball player.

“So much mud in the press. We are in the top of the news. Comment is not considered necessary, until I called and cried parents. Sometimes greed and the desire to get more money they do terrible things. I ask you not to believe in this hogwash. Janis is the most kind and decent man I’ve ever met. He is the pride of the country, the pride of the team and my pride. You still have time all to judge and discuss, as time will put everything in its place. And remove their stones to the next series, because it will be unexpected turn,” — said in Instagram, the singer.

The skirmish between the girls joined in and Sam Janis, writing a post in the photoblog, where saying that he had long ago severed relations with his wife.

“About six months ago I ended my relationship with the mother of his son and began a new Chapter in my life. Today I started a new phase in which the most important for me is to take care of my very own son Christian,” — said the athlete.