Anna Sedokova congratulated all a happy mother’s Day funny photos

36-year-old Anna Sedokova — a mother of three children, all from different men, and younger daughter Monica lives with her father in the United States and see his mother only on holidays. Now the singer a new romance — she’s Dating 27-year-old Latvian basketball player Janis Timmay, who plays for the Russian team “Khimki”.

Анна Седокова поздравила всех с Днем матери забавным фото

Recently she shared a joint photo with her lover and touching confessed her love for him. Some condemn Anna for this way of life, but she pays no attention and has often stressed how lucky she is, especially with children.

In honor of mother’s Day, celebrated in Russia on November 24, Sedokova has pleased fans with new photo with her older daughter Alina and son Hector. And the picture turned out very funny — in the frame of the baby licks the dog and he pulled a disgruntled face, Alina also took a ridiculous pose and only their star mother poses as necessary.

In signature Anna noted that this is the real life mom.

“In reality, mom’s life looks like in this photo! Children always refused to be photographed even once, the dog bites the younger’s cheek, this time he smashes it on the floor your second phone, mid there is no photo, and the older with the red nails, like a woman’s cats, waiting for rather to dump his friends. A #MOM at this time is trying all the time to meet, to understand, to forgive, to lay, to narugami, praise, hug, teach well, at least for once to take a picture )))) I’m proud of us girls !!! Strongly strongly ! With our day. Speaking of champagne,” wrote the singer.

Followers were quick to leave comments under the new the artist.

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