Anna Sedokova first came to match her new lover

Anna Sedokova shared on his page in social network Instagram the video, filmed at the stadium. Celebrity first came to the basketball game of a new lover.

Анна Седокова впервые пришла на матч своего нового возлюбленного

Throughout the month, fans of the singer followed the development of her relationship with Janis Timm. Latvian basketball player recently played a game where personally present Anna Sedokova. The star is not hiding the shot of the sportsman on a smartphone camera, commenting on his successes. This is the first case when the ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” appeared in the same place with the elect, not hiding it. You know, their affair began after the divorce of basketball player with his wife, the singer told in a personal microblogging. She noted all allegations of interference in the family have no reason to, since their acquaintance was after breaking up with boyfriend’s wife.

However, the wife Janis Timm takes a different point of view. A woman accused the singer that she had destroyed someone else’s family and said she learned about the affair of her husband and the actress from the press.