Anna Sedokova has changed beyond recognition

Anna Sedokova decided on a sharp change of the image. The singer cut her hair short and, of course, boasted of a new hair style in the personal microblog. Posting some similar pictures on the page in the social network, the star asked fans to vote where it turned out most successful. Most Internet users have been unable to stay on one picture.

Анна Седокова изменилась до неузнаваемости

One was the joint singer’s fans, a new image of the star very well. By the way, there is a superstition that if a woman drastically changes her hairstyle, she changes on the personal front. Works sign, of course, not always, but in Anne’s case it is quite possible.

The fact that not so long ago the actress confirmed her affair with a married Latvian basketball player. It happened after netizens identified the young man on tattoos. Earlier in mass media there preparazione pictures of Anna and her beloved from Turkey, where they spent time together and did not hide his feelings. After the exposure in social networks Sedokova the war began. Anna could not resist and commented on the rumors about the affair. The General meaning of her words was reduced to “judge Not lest ye be judged”.