Anna Sedokova in a translucent dress complained dialed 5 kg

For six months the singer is struggling with obesity and trying to create a figure of dreams. Anna Sedokova, like any woman faced with an interruption during the diet. This time she put on a few kilos in just a month of illness.

Анна Седокова в полупрозрачном платье пожаловалась на набранные 5 кг

Anna Sedokova months looking for ways to get in shape. After the scandal with leaked to the Network images from Turkey, the singer decided in whatever was to change your figure and to beat cellulite. She did not try! And massage, and hunger, and special diets, and even refused (well, almost) from meat and flour products.

The actress was forced to go for treatment in the Wellness clinic, where he revised his views on life and food in particular. However, due to stress and apathy Anna leaned on the “banned” products. She spoke about it in his Instagram on October 17.

“Now I want to lose weight, because over the past month, took so many pills and so tightly eating that gained 5 kg, plus the weight,” admitted Sedokova.

The singer admitted that now decided to focus on the psychological basis of food habits. “I’ll try to reprogram my passion for food and take in the fries as poison. To bad, eating not as a pleasure, but as a poison that poisons my body, which is now so difficult,” — said Anna.

Problems with excess weight did not prevent the star to upload pictures in a semi-transparent beach dress that emphasized every curve.

Many reacted with disbelief to the manic desire of the singer to lose weight. Netizens wrote that much more important not to force your body and avoid severe restrictions.