Anna Sedokova lit in public with a younger lover

Anna Sedokova finally made public his relationship with Janis Timmay, player of the basketball team “Khimki”. The artist came with his 27-year-old lover at the concert. There’s a couple was very relaxed, don’t hesitate to others.

Анна Седокова зажгла на публике с молодым любовником

In social networks there was video footage of Sedokova and Timm had a good time during the performance. The singer even put a note with the account of her boyfriend that no one was left in doubt that she has a new love story. Fans are very happy for the actress. That, however, I will not say about the wife Latvian athlete.

Janis, as follows from the publications in the media, is still married to Sana’a, the mother of his young son. The boy was born in 2018, shortly before the basketball player threw the wife and fell in love with Anna. Ex-wife claims that Timm began to build relationships with Sedokova even before the official breakup. Sana allegedly found out about the collapse of his marriage from the press reporting about the affair of her husband with the performer. About the same time Timm, according to the wife, tried to drive it on the street with a small child in her arms.