Anna Sedokova no longer hides her new lover

It seems that now Anna Sedokova happier! And all thanks to the relationship with the basketball player, 27-year-old Janis Timmay. And even the difference of almost 10 years, the singer does not bother, because if you believe the posts to the artist, these are perfect. For example, in the profile of Anna there is a new group photo with Janis, which she publicly confessed her love for him and thanked him for everything he does for her.

Анна Седокова больше не скрывает своего нового возлюбленного

“Today at 5am he came after a very challenging game. At 12 we were in the Studio. Together. Now I know what really matters and what it means to be for someone really important. Every day I pray God to give us strength. To be wiser, be more patient, not to draw attention to the fact that you actually do not need. Give me the strength not to fail and not to spoil the miracle. To resist the storms and winds of change.”

“I know everything about myself. I know that my life is not a pattern that can show kids, but I guess I still did something good, because heaven gave me you. You’re the man who made me a better person. You’re my air, my breath and my pride. I’m always here. You’re my alien,” wrote Anna, to which Janis replied hearts.