Anna Sedokova personally evaluate the plumbing store and toilet for the new repair

At the moment Anna Sedokova is currently home repairs. Recently, a celebrity visited the store, where he personally evaluated and selected the plumbing and the toilet for the apartment.

Анна Седокова лично оценила в магазине сантехнику и унитаз для нового ремонта

Anna Sedokova arrived at the Mall, having examined the proposed choice. The star was interested in shower heads and toilets. Ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” made the usual trip to the store show, which is then shown in the personal microblog. The singer showed a parody of “gossip girl” from the film “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, calling her friend from a phone booth, but instead, the tube she used the detail of plumbing. After the artist experimented with how comfortable toilets sold in the cabin, sitting on one of them. The singer herself was shot on a smartphone camera, capturing himself with a high angle, causing excitement among fans.

Anna Sedokova showed followers an open neckline in a tight t-shirt, earning it many compliments. Her figure fans appreciated, but the plumbing, any star, many are not even noticed.