Anna Sedokova showed “beach” photos from Dubai

Famous pop singer, actress and TV presenter Anna Sedokova on the page in Instagram has posted a new “beach” photo taken on holiday in Dubai. The singer staged a small vacation, going to the sea in the company of 8-year-old daughter Monica, born in marriage with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky.

Анна Седокова показала «пляжное» фото из Дубая

In the picture, Anna Sedokova with a happy smile and poses in front of the camera lens in a bikini, sitting with her hair on white sand. In the caption to the picture, the singer shares with followers thoughts of a tender and caring character of the youngest daughter. For example, in the plane, the girl woke up in the night and gave his mother’s pillow, and then quietly fell asleep. Sedokova says he was very happy to see the sincere respect of the child and asks the question, what determines a person’s character and originally implies a different degree of tactility.

It is worth noting that more attention subscribers all paid the “beach” photo Sedokova, not reasoning. Some thought that the singer had gained weight, which would be worth to urgently get rid of, but others were “do not like” short legs celebrity. However, most fans recognized that Anna Sedokova they like in any physical form, and most importantly – great vocal, not the length of the legs or hips.