Anna Sedokova showed swollen from the disease face

Anna Sedokova told the fans that he is suffering from hives, and showed swollen from the disease face. The relevant post, the singer posted a microblog in Instagram.

Анна Седокова показала опухшее от болезни лицо

Sedokova told that the first spot appeared singly and in different places, but the last three weeks, a terrible, itchy rash covered the whole body and face. The star has to hide the problem under the creams, sunglasses, caps. Many followers have noticed something was wrong, but decided swelling the consequence of plastic surgery.

“It turned out, the rash is an outward sign of a serious problem. My internal organs began to swell, his throat was full of phlegm, hindering breathing. The doctor said that now I must always carry the medication and syringe. The causes of urticaria are still not understood, perhaps the process associated with stress. I really was very nervous when just starting to play in the theater. Thanks to everyone who helped me during the attack and a shot put,” wrote Sedokova.

The singer urged people with a similar problem to share their experience and effective treatment. Celebrity doctor prescribed hormone shots, antihistamines, IV fluids.