Anna Sedokova showed the grown son and shares her rules for raising children

The singer is a mother of three kids but only two live with her permanently

Анна Седокова показала подросшего сына и поделилась своими правилами воспитания детей

Anna Sedokova has repeatedly come under a barrage of criticism on the web because of its excessively Frank and spicy, according to many, photos. Users are outraged that the mother of three children ought not to put your body on display that way, but the singer does not respond to the attacks of the haters and continues to share racy shots. However, the last photo in her Instagram turned out quite different — the actress revealed how much fun she and her son Hector had a great time.

In the signature to be published Anna has decided to share his rules with which it is guided in the education of children. Note that the singer has two older daughters Alina and Monica, but Monica Junior lives with his father in the United States by the court.

“I read a great article about how to raise a genius. The basic rules is the trust and freedom of action. I am a child who grew up in a fairly rigid framework, always wanted to raise their children in freedom! Even from an early age, I taught the children to make choices independently. For example, Monica I’ve always given a few dresses to choose from and she was always all by herself and even if it was weird, we were always that she chose. Hector I always ask, what are we gonna play now?

But the choice is always and the responsibility that not everyone is willing to take on.
What happened ? Alina is a super independent person. Probably 10 years, she has flown by herself, can collect any set of documents for submission and flights, to pay any invoice in any country, and this year she chose the school and signed me up for an interview. Of course, this freedom is now hitting me from the other side ) she is more Mature than their same age and she is interested only with the guys a few years older. I was recently at a lecture in MGIMO, but I’m sure that there are no people in half kind. Hector and I and the nurse. allow lot. When we are together, the room is absolute chaos, we are all in color, wet and happy. Of course, you need to know the boundaries. Of course, then together clean up does not always work out, but we try ) a long time Ago, I read a quote from Osho — If you grow out of their child soldiers when they grow up, they’ll just find another General. As this pattern of behavior familiar to them and familiar.

I want my children to be the generals of your life, but the possibility that they will rise and send me away, too. Especially, when the family only Mother who you need to be bad COP and good at the same time. Even after three kids I know I don’t know the perfect formula. Respect for elders — this time. To be kind and considerate — two. Self-sufficiency and concentration on their actions — that’s three. But how not to raise a child selfish ? Any thoughts on this? I’d like to read it,” — gave Sedokova.

In review subscribers are touched by funny frames with the baby and I agree with the thoughts of Anne on parenting.

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