Anna Sedokova told, from-for what feels like a “scum”

Anna Sedokova — working mother of many children. The other day she told of their principles of education and said, why at times he feels not good enough for their children.

Анна Седокова рассказала, из-за чего чувствует себя «сволочью»

Anna Sedokova time and a new clothing line release, and albums to record, and for the children to follow. If this is all it does well, except, as admitted the singer herself, the education of heirs.

She recently speculate about the pocket money children: how much to give whether it is necessary generally?

According to celebrity, it is 14 years started working, so success is her personal achievement. “I had to survive because we had nothing, but my son was born my mother, who drives a Maybach,” said artist (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author saved).

Anna told me that all the peers of her older daughters get money from parents and 14-year-old Aline is difficult to understand what a stellar mom at the time went to subway and buses. Celebrity is trying to instill a sense of ownership to the heirs and limits them to personal expenses, why feels like to deprive them.

“Every time I don’t give the child money, I feel like a jerk, but if I’m not going to limit the money Alina, wouldn’t it?” — said Sedokova.

Many followers shared his views. Some decided that the star mother herself is to blame for this attitude. Others thought that the welfare Anna — worthy support for the continued success of her children.