Anna Sedokova wants to sue ex-lover Janis Timm

Day 13 Sep love drama 36-year-old singer has acquired a new twist. It turned out that Anna Sedokova for the sake of the good name is going to go through fire, water and litigation.

Анна Седокова хочет подать в суд на экс-возлюбленную Яниса Тимма

The ex-girlfriend of athlete Janis Timm claims that Anna Sedokova ruined not only her personal life, but also health. According to Sana, she hoped to be reunited with her husband, but because of the appearance of the singer these plans will not come true. Janis allegedly disowned his son and wife for the seductive actress.

However, the testimony of Sana’a varied from statement to statement: it was reported that the husband actually drove her out of the house on the street, passed the six months they lived separately… and Now all turned out — divorce enterprising woman does not agree because of the amount of alimony.

Anna Sedokova chose not to respond to the words of the offended dignities, however, on 13 September in the morning said that all the speculation remains only speculation, and the truth is on the side of Janis. The singer said that her new boyfriend is the most honest and decent man she had ever met.

Perhaps the wave of criticism directed against Anna and Janis outraged fans became unbearable. In an exclusive interview to People Talk, the singer said she plans to sue the wife of her lover.

“I will not allow anyone to insult me or my family. And I will be forced to defend themselves in court, that henceforth no one came up with the idea of people throwing mud,” said Anna Sedokova.

Анна Седокова хочет подать в суд на экс-возлюбленную Яниса Тимма