Anna Ziemba from “Sanatorium of Love” went on a vacation. She did not complain about the lack of company

Who accompanied Anna Ziemba during her vacation?

 Anna Ziemba from

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds us, Anna Ziemba will be remembered for a long time by fans in the “Sanatorium of love” program, mainly due to her relationship with Piotr. The couple got engaged in the final episode of the show, but it was not the beginning of their journey through life together, but the beginning of the end. Recently, Piotr went to Greece with his new partner. It turns out that Ania also decided to rest a bit. And she didn't spend her vacation alone. Who accompanied Anna Ziemba?

Engagement and parting

Last season, fans of “Sanatorium of Love” could not complain about the lack of emotions. The duo Piotr and Anna, who got engaged in the final episode, provided them a lot. Everyone hoped that they would be able to watch the coverage of their wedding soon. Instead of getting married, however, there was a parting.

Anna did not hide that life in a small town was not for her – as she herself said, she needs people around her to be happy. Moreover, she did not like the fact that for Piotr, work was very important.

In an interview with” Telemagazyn “she admitted that, together with Piotr, they decided to give themselves some time and slack to find out or the feeling that it was born between them in the program, it is something real.

Anna Ziemba is enjoying her vacation. She is not alone

Anna Ziemba posted photos from her holiday trip to Łeba on her social media profile. According to the reports that she publishes on the Internet, she does not complain about the lack of company or boredom.

She went to the Baltic Sea together with her family. In the photos we can see her in the company of her grandchildren and children. In addition, it is always on the move. One of the recordings even shows Anna playing football. It cannot be denied that she is doing quite well.

Do you think that there is still a chance for Anna and Piotr to be together again?