Announced the most popular names for cats and dogs are among the local (PHOTOS)

Объявлены самые популярные имена для кошек и собак среди местных (ФОТО)

City hall of MISSISSAUGA has released a list of the most popular names of cats and dogs in 2019.

The most popular name for cats was Smokey, and dog Max.

Here is the full list. For cats: 1. Smokey, 2. Tigger, 3. Tiger, 4. Kitty, 5. Max, 6. Simba, 7. Charlie, 8. Shadow, 9. Lucky, 10. Princess. For dogs: 1. Max, 2. Bella, 3. Charlie, 4. Bailey, 5. Buddy, 6. Coco, 7. Rocky 8. Lucky, 9. Molly, 10. Toby.

MISSISSAUGA posted the list to encourage people to legalize their Pets. Such registration will allow the services to find lost Pets and return them.