Announced the truth about vaccination against influenza

Dr. Diala Gall voiced the truth about vaccination against influenza. Vaccination protects against serious health risks.

Озвучена вся правда о прививках от гриппа

For healthy people, flu is an unpleasant illness, incapacitating for 1-2 week. Often recovery quite symptomatic treatment, but pregnant women, the elderly and children are susceptible to complications, so it is better to be vaccinated. Flu vaccine causes the body for two weeks to develop antibodies to the most common types of the virus. Accordingly, to improve the efficiency of vaccination it is better to put in October or November.

The vaccine is easily tolerated, side effects are extremely rare. Usually people complain of low temperature, soreness at the injection site, swelling. Each year there are new strains of the virus, so no one knows how effective it will be vaccinated.