Another chapter in the career of Marc-André Fleury

Another chapter in the career of Marc-André Fleury


Ahead of another game against the Montreal Canadiens scheduled for Tuesday, Minnesota Wild goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury set a new National Hockey League (NHL) mark on Sunday.

The Quebecer helped his team win 4-3 in a shootout against the Chicago Blackhawks, thereby becoming the exclusive record holder for shootout wins by a goaltender. His 62 career triumphs allowed him to overtake Henrik Lundqvist. 

By frustrating the two shooters – Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane – who came before him during the session, the Quebecer pushed up to .735 his effectiveness rate in firefights. In fact, he's stopped 244 rivals out of a possible 332 since making his NHL debut in 2003-04.

In the list of all-time winningest goaltenders in shootout, Ryan Miller (60) is the only other man to have reached his sixties. Roberto Luongo (52) is fourth, ahead of Jonathan Quick (49), who is second in the still active masked men.

Fleury could now face the Habs again in Saint Paul, who he defeated 2 at 1 at the Bell Center last Tuesday.