Another reason once and for all to give up the fast food

About the dangers of fast food the world’s scientists say the first year. It is no secret that saturated fats are harmful food contributes to obesity and the occurrence of different diseases associated with the digestive system. However, the fact that fast food is bad for memory, it became known recently.

Ещё одна причина раз и навсегда отказаться от фаст-фуда

A group of scientists from Australia conducted an experiment which involved lab rats. Rodents were divided into four groups. Thus three groups for nearly two months, fed noxious food — crisps, chips, cakes and other quite useful food. Rats of the fourth group during the experiment enjoyed exceptionally balanced and wholesome food.

Throughout the study, the researchers tested the animals ability to remember the location of objects. The experiment showed that who ate exclusively fast food rodents began to experience problems with memory in contrast to their relatives of the fourth group.

Thus, Australian researchers have concluded that regular consumption of junk food leads to a deterioration in long-term memory.