Antek Królikowski speaks on the matter of caring for his son. He indicated which court ruling he would like the most

Antek Królikowski hopes that he will be able to see little Vincent more often.

 Antek Kr & oacute; likowski speaks on the matter of custody of his son. He indicated which court decision he would like most

According to the portal” Super Express “, Antek Kr & oacute likowski maintains that he would like to stay in touch with his son. When filing for divorce, the actor also decided to apply for securing contact with Vincent. He precisely defined what they would look like. Antek Kr & oacute; likowski does not hide that he would like him and Joanna Opozda to take care of the boy in an alternating manner.

Pending the end of marriage

Antek Kr & oacute; likowski and Joanna Opozda celebrated their first wedding anniversary not so long ago. Unfortunately, they failed to reach them together. The couple broke up before the birth of their joint son, after Antek got into a relationship with another woman.

The actor would like to see divorce without being found guilty. In his application, Kr & oacute; likowski asks to secure contact with Vincent and care for him, which would take place in Joanna Opozda's place of residence.

For some time after their breakup, the couple managed not to wash their dirt in public. Everything changed after the canceled baptisms of little Vincent, which started an avalanche of mutual accusations and charges. Some internet users are on the side of Opozda, some of Kr & oacute; likowski. Regardless, no one doubts that their son is suffering the most.

Antek Kr & oacute; likowski would like alternating care

According to the findings of the “Super Express” portal, Antek Kr & oacute; likowski would like to see his son twice a week on weekdays for two hours, and every other weekend for seven hours. In an interview with the tabloid Kr & oacute; likowski revealed that the most satisfactory solution would be to provide alternate care.

“Nevertheless, I am happy with even one hour a week spent with my son and I believe that the court will ultimately provide alternate care, yes, so that I can really participate in his life “- says Antek Kr & oacute; likowski, adding that he can only see his son in his ex-partner's apartment, but he hopes that he will have the opportunity to take him even to walk.

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