Anton lirnyk and Lily Rebrik exchanged love letters

The premiere of “Love Letters” (“Love letters”), in which the famous producer and showman Anton lirnyk and TV presenter Liliya rebryk play the two lovers, to be held in Kyiv on 15 December 2019 ICCC (October Palace).

Антон Лирник и Лилия Ребрик обменялись любовными письмами

“Love Letters” (“Love letters”) – this is a play about love, where the scene just two actors — he and she. They write each other letters. Write them a lifetime. This is the story of two destinies, a story of love. They’re not together, and not someone else’s fault it happened. Everyone has their own way. The life of a woman — a talented, passionate, bright. And a man’s life is purposeful, honest, smart. The end of love — box of letters.

“With the development of technology, unfortunately, our lives had gone the letters are real, written from the heart and from the hand. And they were valuable because they could say something could not say the eye. The heroes of our show are the people who are not always able to Express to each other your feelings, replacing them with lines on paper – said Anton lirnyk. – Because of this we can see the story of their love. The audience in the hall peeped through the keyhole at the relationship of these people, because they trusted these letters the most expensive they had, and because of this we can relive this beautiful romantic love story. Lily is incredibly emotional and very organically looks in the show where we read letters to each other. These letters are very concise, but a lot said between the lines. And that Lily was perfectly able to convey to the viewer the emotions, the relationships, the feelings that are hidden in these words.”

The play, written in the middle of the last century, today has become the new in tune with the times. The characters of the story wrote letters and did not dare to love in words to transform into the earthly love. Distance from ideal to reality was overwhelming. Today, this story would be called “virtual romance”.

The first time the play “Love Letters” was presented in 1988 at the theatre “Long Wharf” in the city of new haven, Connecticut. Later, different actors of different ages made the play famous, and soon “Love letters” has shown across America and translated into many foreign languages. Ukrainian audience will see the famous statement of December 15, ICCC (October Palace), where the main characters play Anton lirnyk and Lily Rebrik.