Antonio Banderas on Melanie Griffith: “We are not married but still a family”

Antonio Banderas said he believes his ex-wife his best friend. The couple broke up in 2015, but they are still each other’s loved ones.

Антонио Бандерас о Мелани Гриффит: «Мы не женаты, но все еще семья»

Moreover, the famous actor keeps calling Melanie Griffith as part of my family.

We are no longer married but still a family. Perhaps she’s one of my best friends, if not the best of them

― shared Antonio. He also noted that, despite the divorce with Melanie, he continues with the same intensity loves not only their overall 22-year-old daughter Stella, but actress children from previous marriages: 29-year-old Dakota Johnson and 34-year-old Alexandra.

Banderas and Griffith got married in 1996, and the first feelings experienced actor back in 1989 when I saw the ceremony “Oscar” spectacular blonde on the red carpet. Antonio knew her, but couldn’t remember the name. And after a little more than six years, he had called her his wife. As recognized by the actor himself, in those years everything happened very rapidly. And despite parting ways, Antonio vowed that he would love his wife until death.

Over the years of marriage between them there was a strong connection that cannot be denied. They divorced because of irreconcilable differences, but their parting was as painless as possible. Therefore, even after the divorce, Banderas continues to be to Melanie warmest feelings. The children are delighted because of such relationship of parents can only dream of. The former spouses have repeatedly said that the children in their lives is the main priority.