Apple issued a new warning for the millions of iPhone users

Apple acknowledged that setting million iPhone introduce confusion regarding the use of location data, and promised to fix it. This writes Forbes.

Apple выпустила новое предупреждение для миллионов пользователей iPhone

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This decision follows research published by security expert Brian Krebs, which shows that a new line of Apple iPhone 11 looking for information about your location, even if users have changed the privacy settings of the phone, that did not happen. It violates its own privacy policy.

IOS 13.3 will be released in mid-December. It is expected that Apple will make the promised fixes, and support for security keys FIDO2 and new parental controls to limit usage of the phone, messages and FaceTime on the basis of contact time.

The company warned users that are to blame for everything new UWB chip.

“Ultra-wideband technology is an industry standard technology and is subject to international regulatory requirements that require it off in certain places, — said in a statement Apple. — IOS uses Location Services to help determine if iPhone in these prohibited areas to disable ultra-wideband access and to comply with the rules”.

Apple States that “management of UWB interoperability and use of location data is performed completely on the device, and Apple does not collect location data of users.” This is confirmed by the initial studies.

But claiming that this chip meets the international regulatory requirements, the company States that it will allow you to disable these background check location in the forthcoming iOS update. That means that they don’t have to do in the first place.

Just a few months ago, Apple acknowledged that hired contractors for secret listening to the audio fragments Siri recorded with iPhone.

Despite the anonymity, the whistleblower found that the company listened to the record, which included personal health information and recording couples having sex. Apple subsequently apologized, closed the center and promised to provide users with privacy settings which allow them to remove their recording Siri in a future update of iOS.