Apple stock has set a new record

The share price of Apple according to the results of the exchange auction held on January 2, exceeded $ 300 apiece, setting a new record. For trading session the shares of the manufacturer of iPhones has risen by 2.3%, writes “Medusa”.

Цена акций Apple установила новый рекорд

Photo: Depositphotos

According to analysts Bloomberg, the quotation of the securities of Apple was influenced by good financial results of corporations in the third quarter, demand for new AirPods headphones, as well as the launch of the streaming service Apple TV+.

Based on the value of the shares at the close of trading in the US on 2 January, Apple’s market capitalization is estimated at 1.33 trillion, reports The Financial Times. By this measure Apple is the largest company in the world. The market capitalization of Microsoft, ranked second, 1.23 trillion dollars.

In June 2014, Apple had a stock split according to the formula 7-to-1. Before the price of Apple shares reached $ 700 (in 2012). After the crushing of the Corporation’s shares traded below $ 100 apiece. The mark of $ 200 in Apple shares overcame in August 2018.