Apples need to eat every day: priceless health benefits

Daily consumption of just one Apple helps to normalize digestion, and also increases the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This told the scientists-microbiologists, who conducted a large-scale study. According to them, that daily Apple consumption promotes the increase of bacteria and increase metabolism. Thus, using apples, you can easily lose weight without harming digestion.

Яблоки нужно есть каждый день: неоценимая польза для здоровья

Moreover, experts say that people who regularly consume apples, fatty acids are very quickly produced in the body, which provides a perfect acid-alkaline in the intestine. Scientists are strongly advised to include apples in the diet. However, we must remember that the most the body gets not from imported apples, which are harmful chemicals, and domestic. In the Ukrainian shops and markets all year round you can find apples.

In the winter buy the most late varieties — in appearance they are certainly inferior to imported fruit, but its value several times his superior. Apples can be eaten at any time of the day, but with caution on an empty stomach before Breakfast. This fruit can be a perfect snack for those who are on a diet.